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In 2022, She Land Cosmetics started its journey from Punjab with the idea that every skin is beautiful in itself and needs a solution for its own type. With the realization that perfect and flawless skin improves self-confidence, the company developed its own unique formulations that promise you a skin that you ever desired.
She Land is constantly striving to develop innovative and unique formulations by integrating most effective ingredients to treat different Skin & Hair concerns while guaranteeing long lasting results. Our products will not only bring the joy of beauty in your lives, but will surely enhance your personality every day. As we look towards the future, we’ll continue to manufacture more personal care products to empower both men and women of our society.

Adnan Ali CEO

Adnan Ali


Yaseen Nazeer Manager Director

Yaseen Nazeer

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We aim to use sustainably sourced, natural ingredients and ingredients of natural origin wherever we can. We try to use environmentally friendly synthetic ingredients, too. We aim to use ingredients that were developed using green chemistry, which are processes that reduce the use or production of chemicals that damage the environment. Over the past couple of years, we’ve taken steps to improve the environmental footprint of our formulas. We’re really focusing on the sustainability of our natural ingredients and ingredients of natural origin, and we’re looking at their biodegradability, too.


Natural ingredients come directly from plants and minerals, and also through processes without chemical modification (that means, we haven’t deliberately changed them). We source some natural ingredients, like Shea butter from Ghana and tea tree oil from Kenya, through our Community Fair Trade Program. Community Fair Trade was launched in 1987, to trading fairly with suppliers, offering good trading practices and fair prices.


We use every ingredient for a reason: to give you the best experience with our products. That’s why we also use synthetic ingredients, which are human-made and created by chemical reactions. Synthetic ingredients can give our formulas properties that nature simply can’t provide, like preserving products (making sure they last longer). An example of a synthetic ingredient is isononyl isononanoate, a synthetic oil that helps maintain the skin’s moisture after applying cream. It’s not as heavy on the skin as vegetable oils and is highly biodegradable, with a low ecotoxicity profile, meaning it’s not harmful to the environment.

Another example is Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, which has much better biodegradability than EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), the standard chelating agent. This type of ingredient acts like a sponge, helping to stabilise and preserve the product. Synthetic alternatives to natural ingredients can help with the consistency (think, nice textures), quality and long-term performance of a product.

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